Dogs walk games

If you’re looking to make your dog walks more memorable or strengthen your bond with your furry friend, introducing some games can be a great way to make the most of open spaces.

To start, get creative! Use sticks and stones to create an obstacle course for your dog to enjoy. This can be done in local parks and gardens as long as there is enough space. By helping your dog complete the obstacle course, you can teach obedience and build trust over time.

You can also play a game of “Hide and Seek” with your dog. Grab a handful of their favorite toys and hide them in different places in your backyard. Make sure your dog stays inside while you hide the toys, as this makes the game more interesting for them. When they find their toys, reward them with enthusiasm and a few treats.

Classic games like “Tug-of-War” and “Fetch” are great for energetic younger dogs. “Fetch” is an excellent game to teach obedience and keep your dog fit, and dogs never seem to tire of retrieving sticks or balls!

Another fun game to try with your dog is “Paw Basketball.” All you need is a basket and a tennis ball. The objective of the game is to teach your dog to retrieve the ball and place it in the basket. You can make it more challenging by hiding the ball or placing the basket at a higher level. If your dog succeeds, congratulate them and give them a small treat!

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